5 Things That Are Harming Your Kids' Teeth
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5 Things That Are Harming Your Kids' Teeth

A young boy drinking a soft drink

Kids are constantly putting things in their mouths and craving sugar, which can be very bad for their teeth. This is why you should opt for the best pediatric dentist you can find because they can help guide you and routinely check your kid's dental health.

While your kids may not wholly understand the downside of hard or chewable candies, there are other things besides sweets that are harming your kids' teeth, and you need to watch out for them.

  1. Ketchup or Barbeque Sauce: Kids love ketchup! Some kids will develop the habit of having ketchup with everything, and the same goes for barbeque sauce. While letting them have these condiments once in a while is okay, kids who have them regularly are damaging their teeth because these are sugar-rich condiments.
  2. Chewing fingernails, pencils, and plastic: Kids put their teeth at risk when they develop a habit of biting their nails, chewing on pens in school, or using their teeth to open plastic bottles. Not to mention the bacteria and choking hazard present in chewing such items. Chewing on plastics and hard objects can negatively affect their growing teeth. Try to keep their hands busy to avoid the development of these biting and chewing habits.
  3. Lozenges or Cough Drops: Lozenges and cough drops are filled with sugar and hard to chew, which means they are dissolving in your kid's mouths for longer. This affects their tooth enamel because it is a lot of sugar sticking around for a prolonged period. Moreover, they are similar to hard candies, which can be problematic if kids bite on them.
  4. Sodas & Ice: We all know that sodas wreak havoc on kid's teeth and overall dental health, but did you know ice is also harmful. Whether with soda or fruit juice, teaching your kids not to chew on ice is very important. It can damage their teeth, and they may also develop a habit of chewing on ice.
  5. Dried Fruits: While this may seem like a healthy snack option, it is not entirely as healthy as you think. Do not get us wrong, they are okay to have once in a while, but normal fruit is far more nutritious and healthier for kid's teeth. Dried fruits are more like chewable, sugary candy, which sticks around and creates problems.

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Posted on Apr 12, 2021
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