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Night Guards

Here at Little Smiles of Delaware, we offer customized night guards and mouth guards for children in order to protect their teeth. We know that kids are energetic and enjoy sports or other vigorous activities that can lead to dental trauma. Even when they’re asleep at night, some children exhibit signs of bruxism, which is the nighttime grinding and clenching of the teeth. To make sure that your child’s teeth are kept safe during sleep and sports, we recommend getting them a customized sports guard and night guard.

Children’s Night Guards in Delaware, Ohio

Bruxism can cause quite a bit of damage to your child’s teeth. The constant grinding of the teeth or the clenching of the jaws can lead to cracks, chips, or fractures of the teeth as well as jaw pain and even misalignment. A night guard acts as a cushion for the teeth, alleviating the pressure and minimizing any dental damage. Here at Little Smiles of Delaware, we create a customized night guard made from molds of your child’s mouth, making it much more comfortable for your child to wear. The night guard will fit over the top teeth and needs to be cleaned and sterilized regularly.

If you believe your child may be suffering from bruxism, please contact our Delaware, Ohio pediatric dental office to obtain a night guard for your child before any damage can be done to his or her teeth.

Children’s Sports Guards in Delaware, Ohio

Sports are a great way for kids to improve motor skills and get exercise. Additionally, sports can teach kids how to solve conflict and work together as a team! Unfortunately, sports can also pose a few risks to your child’s dental health - around 3 million teeth are lost every year because of sports activities!

If your child is involved in any type of team sport or other high-risk athletic activities, we recommend a customized sports guard as an important part of their athletic equipment. A few benefits of sports guards include the following:

  • Sports guards absorb and distribute the impact of any potential blow to your child’s face. This means that a hit that may otherwise have caused significant damage will only leave your child feeling a little sore.
  • Customized sports guards are able to protect the soft tissues in your child’s mouth from cuts or lacerations. This includes the vulnerable lips, tongue, and the insides of the cheeks, which are often bitten accidentally.
  • Lastly, wearing a sports guard has been shown to prevent concussions. This is because they are great at shock absorption, allowing the teeth, jaws, and mouth to bounce off of the force of an impact instead of absorbing the impact.

To receive a customized sports guard or night guard for your child, please contact Little Smiles of Delaware.