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Eruption Guide

Each one of your child’s teeth has an important job to do. Our teeth are all different shapes and sizes, and their location in our mouth is no coincidence! Our teeth are specially arranged to help us speak, eat our food, and smile. Just like each tooth has a specific job, they grow into our mouths in important patterns.

Eruption Guide for Baby Teeth

Your child will have 20 baby teeth, which are also known as primary teeth. These teeth will begin to erupt in your child’s mouth when he or she is around 6 months old.

Eruption Guide Baby

Eruption Guide for Permanent Teeth

Once your child is around 12 or 13 years old, most of the 28 adult teeth will have already erupted. Wisdom teeth, which are also called third molars, will erupt between the ages of 17-21 years old. However, wisdom teeth are often removed before they’re allowed to fully erupt.

Eruption Guide Child

When studying the above eruption guides, please remember that they are estimates. Every child is different and there is usually no cause for alarm if your child’s teeth begin to emerge earlier or later than the above charts.

If you do have concerns or questions about the way your child’s teeth are erupting, please make an appointment with Dr. Ben here at Little Smiles of Delaware located in Delaware, Ohio.