5 Foods That Strengthen Your Kids' Teeth
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5 Foods That Strengthen Your Kids' Teeth


Many pediatric dentists will tell you foods that your kids should avoid in order to maintain their dental health. However, they will rarely tell you about foods that strengthen your kids' teeth. This is not the case with our pediatric dentist at Little Smiles of Delaware.

Here is a list of 5 foods that strengthen your kids' teeth

  1. Eggs: Eggs benefit kids' teeth indirectly. Calcium and phosphate are minerals that protect and build tooth enamel, and the body needs vitamin D to absorb these minerals. Guess which food is rich in vitamin D? That's right, eggs! Especially egg yolks because they are richer in vitamin D than egg whites.
  2. Milk, Yogurt & Cheese: These dairy products contain tons of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphate, which are all, as we have learned, things that strengthen your kids' teeth.
  3. Raw & Crunchy Veggies: Raw and crunchy veggies that kids can chew on naturally help scrub much of the plaque that rests on their teeth—an excellent dental health benefit to already healthy food. Opt for carrot, celery, or broccoli as a midday snack to naturally help keep kids' teeth plaque-free.
  4. Water: We know that water is not food, but hear us out. Hydration is essential for everyone, especially kids, because of their developing bodies, but is often overlooked. When it comes to foods that strengthen your kids' teeth, saliva (also not a food), which is 95 percent water, is a crucial dental-health moderator. It loosens plaque, keeps gums hydrated, and increases the number of natural antibodies in the mouth, which makes water essential for your kids' dental health.
  5. Sugarless Gum: Gum may be the last thing you would imagine to be on this list, as pediatric dentists everywhere are against kids having sugary sweets. However, sugarless gum is actually great for your kids' dental health. It promotes saliva production, which we know is beneficial for your kids' dental health. Moreover, gum helps remove plaque the same way crunchy veggies do, and some sugarless gum contains Xylitol, a natural sweetener that helps fight bacteria in kids' teeth.

In order to properly maintain your kids' dental health, it is important to feed them these healthy foods while avoiding the bad ones you already know of. These foods promote the healthy development of your kids' teeth and keep them smiling for longer.

If you want to learn more about foods that strengthen your kids' teeth, their dental wellness, or if you are looking for the best pediatric dentists in or around Kilbourne, White Sulpher, Delaware, or Columbus, Ohio, please visit our website today.

Posted on Apr 26, 2021
Image Credit: File ID 13329002 | © Darko Plohl | Dreamstime.com



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