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About Us

At Little Smiles of Delaware, your children are our number one priority. When compared to a general family dentist, a pediatric dental office is much better prepared to care for your child and his or her unique dental needs. We’re also trained to help put children with dental fears or anxieties at ease and make them feel comfortable here at our office.

Each child that comes to our office will have different circumstances, each of which will require a different level of care. Everyone here at the office loves getting to know our patients and what works for each child’s personality and circumstances. This allows us to tailor each appointment and treatment in a way that works for your child!

Good Oral Health for Delaware Ohio’s Children

We want to help your children achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile to last a lifetime. We believe that creating a solid foundation for good oral health is vital to helping your child carry these good habits with them into adulthood. We also emphasize patient education, both for children and their parents. This will allow you to make more well-informed decisions regarding your child’s oral health.

At Little Smiles of Delaware, we’re proud to offer a fun and comforting environment. Our patients, toddlers to teenagers, look forward to their visits to our office! Please contact Little Smiles of Delaware here and find out what makes us different!