3 Signs of Tooth Problems From Your Child
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3 Signs of Tooth Problems From Your Child

A young child sucking their thumb

There is an overwhelming number of problems that can affect the oral health of your children. Learning and understanding all of them are not possible. However, you can mitigate most oral health problems in children by removing sugar from their diet. Regardless, several different oral health issues arise due to the lack of oral hygiene. Here are a few signs of tooth problems in children that lead to an expensive appointment with a kid's dentist in Columbus.

3 Tooth Problems to Tackle in Children

  1. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Early tooth loss is one of the most significant problems in kids, and it arises due to excessive consumption of sugar. As a parent, it's your responsibility to reduce your children's sugar consumption regardless of how challenging it is. Otherwise, problems like baby bottle tooth decay will haunt your kids for a lifetime.

Baby bottle tooth decay happens when the child is excessively fed on sugary drinks, including fruit juices diluted with water. Oral bacteria feeds on sugar and causes tooth decay. Although baby teeth are meant to fall out, many kid's dentists in Columbus recommend maintaining and taking care of baby teeth to avoid any future problems.

  1. Thumb Sucking

It's natural for infants and young kids to suck their thumb, toys, or any item that gives them emotional comfort. However, if thumb sucking continues after 5 years, it can cause permanent teeth to misalign. Depending on the intensity and frequency of the sucking, thumb sucking can result in your child's teeth protruding and affecting their facial structure.

  1. Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrusting is similar to thumb sucking and can cause many oral issues. One of these is improper speech development because the teeth get misaligned, affecting the tongue's position. Preventing tongue thrusting among children is challenging for many parents, but you can teach your children to give up this habit with patience and proper explanation. Moreover, kid's dentists in Columbus advise against tongue thrusting when permanent teeth are developing because it can cause the missing teeth' cavity to be filled with harmful bacteria.

A Word for The Wise

Child tooth pain can become disastrous if not treated on time. However, most parents are unfamiliar with tooth problems and do not act in time. If your children have severe pain inside their mouth, you should immediately visit Dr. Ben Kwok at Little Smiles of Delaware so he can diagnose and treat their dental issues. Moreover, if you want your children to have healthy teeth, avoid giving them sugar at all costs.

Posted on May 24, 2021
Image Credit: File ID 8393806 | © Christik | Dreamstime.com



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