What to Expect on Your First Visit with a Kid's Dentist
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What to Expect on Your First Visit with a Kid's Dentist

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Did your child get their first tooth? Congratulations! With your child’s first tooth erupting, it’s time that you should be looking to get an appointment with a kid’s dentist! Many parents might think it’s too early to take their child to the dentist, but experts say that by the time your child turns 1, they should have had at least 1 visit with the dentist! Of course, it would be best if you didn’t wait for the child tooth pain to visit a dentist. 

Since your child has never been to a dentist before, it can be hard to tell what to expect on your child’s first visit to the kid’s dentist. 

Here’s a little insight into how the first visit with a child’s dentist goes. 

A Lot of Talking

The first visit is mainly a detailed conversation between the parent and the dentist. The dentist will ask several questions about your child's diet and oral hygiene routine to assess how well your child’s teeth are doing and what more, if anything, you can be doing at home to best care for them. They will also walk you through what to expect when your child’s teeth are examined and cleaned.

Knee-to-Knee Examination

The dentist will ask you to sit with your knees touching theirs and your child sitting on your lap with their back towards the dentist. The dentist will then ask you to lower your child onto their lap so that the dentist can have a good look into your child’s mouth while the child looks at you for comfort.

Tantrums and Crying

It would help if you were prepared for your child to throw tantrums and cry during their first visit to the dentist. It’s very common for children to cry because having someone use tools in their mouth isn’t something they’re used to.

It would be best if you look for a child’s dentist who specializes in treating children. Our kid’s dentist in Columbus, Ohio, at Little Smiles of Delaware, will make sure your child leaves smiling after their first visit.

Posted on Dec 26, 2022
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