Top tips to relieve your kid's toothache at home
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How To Relieve Your Kid's Toothache At Home?

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For kids, a toothache is a constant pain that pulsates with no hope for relief. Toothaches happen when erosion or decay enters the tooth's pulp chamber consisting of nerves and tiny blood vessels that are very sensitive. The most well-known cause of toothaches is diet-related, for example, drinking an excessive amount of soda or eating sugary treats.

Tips To Manage a Toothache

Give your kid a cold pack to place against the jaw, or wrap some ice in a wet washcloth; this helps give relief from a toothache.

Try not to give your kid anything excessively hot or cold to eat or drink. Avoid frozen yogurts or ice cream until they're better – it could exacerbate the ache.

If you desire to help your kids avoid toothaches, it's ideal to begin a proper oral hygiene routine.

Teach your kid how to brush correctly and create a habit of brushing twice daily. Furthermore, do not forget the back teeth. They're the place where cavities frequently spring up. Teach your kids to floss once per day, as well.

Create a habit of healthy snacking among kids. Sweet, sticky foods are more likely to cause tooth decay. Instead, give your kids an apple or a banana to snack on.

However, remember: temporary remedies will give a stop-gap solution for the toothache.

The Bottom Line

Appropriate pediatric dental care is obligatory. If you are a parent currently residing in the Delaware, Kilbourne, Columbus, White Sulpher, or other Ohio regions, searching for a top Kid's Dentist, you are at the right place.

Dr. Benjamin Kwok, our top skilled pediatric Dentist at Little Smiles of Delaware, helps your children maintain a healthy and fine-looking smile to last a lifetime.

We are dedicated to making each visit to our office a fun, informative, and affordable one. Schedule your appointment today!

Posted on Jul 26, 2021
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