How Did Pediatric Dentistry Come Into Being?
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History of Pediatric Dentistry

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Today, pediatric dentistry is one of the ten significant branches of dental care known worldwide. The division caters to the oral care and related disorders found in toddlers and growing children. While scientists now acknowledge the value of pediatric dentistry, that wasn't always the case. In fact, back in the 1900s, dental care had no branches at all.

Timeline of Pediatric Dentistry

In the early 19th century, dentists were primarily focused on fixing dental health issues rather than finding ways to prevent them. Dental care had no distinct divisions, and a single professional with a basic dental degree catered to all kinds of oral health disorders. Children, adults, and the elderly all visited the same general dentist.

Beginning - It was in 1909 that Minnie Evangeline Jordan took charge and opened the first pediatric dental clinic in Los Angeles. During her training and education, Jordan became aware that children's dental needs differed significantly from that of adults. Carrying a genuine heart for the well-being of children, Jordan wrote many papers, lectures, and textbooks to make others aware of her discovery.

Rise and Spread - Due to her consistent efforts, The American Dental Association recognized pediatric dentistry as its own specialization in 1940. This endorsement from a trusted organization prompted a 50% increase in children visiting dental offices. A decade later, the first Pediatric Dentistry Training program was launched to boost the number of scientists with the expertise to manage children's oral care.

National Recognition - The most significant achievement in the world of pediatric dentistry was unlocked when The Secretary of Health and Human Services published a report stating the importance of investing in kids' dental hygiene. The ADA began developing specialized products, techniques, and practices solely focused on children's dental health following this publication.

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Posted on Jul 11, 2022
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