Helping Your Child Cope With Loss
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Helping Your Child Cope With Loss

Dental assistant with dentist and child

No matter how much time passes, a loss is difficult, and everyone has different coping mechanisms. For a child to cope with a loss can be heartbreaking, as sometimes it can be very difficult to process, especially if they are young.

Here Are Some Ways That You Can Help Your Child Cope With Loss

Let Them Cry It Out

One of the best ways to heal is to allow yourself to express your grief. Do not stop your child from crying. It is better to cry it out than to keep all those emotions bottled up. Whether it is children or adults, everyone must be encouraged and allowed to express their emotions and grief.

Be Available To Talk

Be supportive and available for your child. They may not be ready to talk about their pain initially, but they might come to you at other times. Be available for them. Hug them and make them feel safe. Do not let them feel ashamed or guilty for feeling the way they do.

Do Not Be Dismissive

You must be patient when helping your child cope with loss. Do not lose patience or dismiss them when they want to talk. Do not snap at them or belittle their grief or emotions. In helping your child cope with their grief, you are making them stronger as well as teaching them very important life lessons. You are teaching them empathy and helping them learn healthy ways of dealing with emotions so that they are able to do the same with others around them.

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Posted on Feb 27, 2023
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