Child Dental Emergencies and First Aid
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Child Dental Emergencies and First Aid

Dental assistant with a young patient sitting in a dental chair

A dental accident can happen anywhere and at any given time. Knowing how to handle dental emergencies can save your child from permanently losing a tooth. Keep reading to learn about the most common child dental emergencies and first aid.

  1. Chewed or Cut Lip or Tongue

Did your little one unintentionally bite their lip or tongue? Start by cleaning the area with water and apply a cold compress. If you don’t have a cold compress, ice cubes will do the trick as well. If the bleeding doesn’t stop, take your child to a pediatric dentist in Columbus Ohio.

  1. Cracked Tooth

If your little one has cracked their tooth, immediately rinse their mouth using lukewarm water in order to clean the area and get rid of the broken tooth debris. Now place a cold compress on their face to keep the swelling down. Then, book an appointment with your child’s pediatric dentist right away.

  1. Knocked-Out Tooth

When dealing with a knocked-out baby or adult tooth, make sure to find the damaged tooth and place it inside a glass of milk in order to keep it moist. You can also try placing the tooth back in its place. However, this can cause your child more pain. Therefore, it is advised to rinse your little one’s mouth with water, place a cold compress, and take them to a dental professional immediately.

  1. Toothache or Sore Gums

For tooth pain, sore gums, or sensitivity, ask your child to rinse their mouth using lukewarm salt water. Once their mouth is clean, use floss to remove any trapped food particles between the teeth. If the pain persists, reach out to a pediatric dentist in Columbus Ohio.

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Posted on Nov 28, 2022
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