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Can a Child’s Chipped Tooth be Fixed?

A young child and mom at the dentist

Many children chip a tooth every now and then. You might find yours in this same position at some point. However, don’t fret! If your child’s front tooth just broke, you are probably fawning over their cute lisp. However, a kid’s dentist in Columbus, Ohio, can fix it right up.

You should, however, address this issue quickly.


This is because the chipped tooth has sharp corners. The chipped portion can injure your child’s mouth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), the first thing you should do after your kid chips their tooth is to rinse their mouth with water and use a cold compress to lower the swelling.

Following are the treatment options a dentist might offer depending on the severity of the damage and child tooth pain:


If the chip is small, the dentist will file down the tooth until it is smooth. This ensures the tooth looks natural and the same as other teeth.


This is the most inexpensive and simple procedure. It involves applying a bonding composite resin to the tooth’s surface. This fills the chipped area and gives the tooth a seamless look. The resin is colored to match your natural teeth. This process is completed in a single visit within an hour.


This is a permanent and more expensive option for larger and deeper chips. Instead of fixing the chipped tooth, a porcelain or resin covering is applied to the tooth’s front. This cosmetic treatment is excellent for repairing damaged teeth. Moreover, it allows you to get whiter teeth in the process.

If your little one’s smile is broken, visit Little Smiles of Delaware to restore their confidence. Schedule an appointment today by visiting our website. For more information about our pediatric dentistry in Columbus, call (740) 209-2400.


Posted on Jun 10, 2024
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