3 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth
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3 Tips on Getting Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Three young kids brushing their teeth

It can be difficult to get your kids to develop the habit of brushing their teeth. They may show resistance and stubborn behavior as they may not see this as something enjoyable. However, if you can successfully teach your kids the importance of teeth cleaning, this will benefit them in the long run.

Read on to learn three helpful tips on getting your kids to brush their teeth.

Stick to a Routine

Children mostly learn from observing their parents. If you are adamant about sticking to a fixed routine of cleaning your teeth, your children will also model their behavior to you. After every meal, take them along when you want to brush your teeth. Show them how to apply toothpaste and how to brush their teeth properly.

While you may be in the habit of doing so, your children aren’t; hence, you need to incorporate this into a routine. Regardless of whether they want to or not, taking them along not only teaches them its importance, but you can also check their dental hygiene.

Reward After Brushing Teeth

The best method to teach your kids the importance of brushing their teeth is to reward them. Kids love getting positive encouragement, and you will be able to successfully drill the habit of brushing their teeth.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep an eye out for their dental hygiene. In the beginning, you will have to take them along with you when you are brushing your teeth, but after a while, you will have to let them do it on their own. Keep a check on them after every meal to see if they have indeed gone to brush their teeth or not. If they have, some words of appreciation and perhaps a small reward can go a long way.

Use Stories

Children love listening to stories and watching cartoons. There are several children’s shows and books that teach the importance of brushing their teeth. Read these stories together, make up your own story but always remember the message is to get them to brush their teeth regularly.


It is extremely important to instill the habit of cleaning teeth at an early age. Failure to do so will result in children becoming forgetful and negligent, which can cause a lot of problems down the road.

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Posted on May 9, 2022
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